Marleen Hansen Painter

Technique: Mixed media with Acrylic on canvas, abstract/figurative painting of coffins, torsos, wooden sculptures and glass objects.

Marleen Hansen was born in the mid-fifties and grew up in the village of St. Odiliënberg in Limburg, the Netherlands, where she spent a wonderful, carefree childhood on a farm.

Marleen discovered her talent for painting several decades ago, and she developed her gift with all the inspiration she could muster.
Since then, she has expressed her passion for visual imagery through countless paintings. She creates expressive, often abstract work, which is inspired by her own emotions. But - as her feelings dictate - her human figures receive easily recognisable faces, such that they might be pointed out as 'faces in the crowd'.

It is fascinating to watch her work: with each layer she manipulates and releases increasingly intense emotions, whereby you are finally able - if you are open to this - to reach the depths of your soul. While, at the same time, you can simply enjoy the full richness of colours and flowing forms. Walk on, and then come back again - the work will continue to hold your attention.

In addition to her work as a painter, she is known nationally as a painting teacher, therapist and coach. Countless visitors, from across the region and further afield, have found their way to her studio. Marleen 'talks' to people of any age through her visual imagery.

During the last two years, has mainly been concerned with the theme of "encounters". Previously the detailed head was important, now it is subordinate to the whole and the environment is more important.

Working on commission

Marleen often paints on commission Working on commission means you put yourself in the customer's shoes, which ensures a greater connection to the painting.

Painting lessons

Painting lessons are given to a select group of students in her own gallery, TriVidha, in St. Odiliënberg, and she organises a fully arranged painting week abroad in Medebach, Germany once a year.


Ongoing in her own gallery, TriVidha, in St. Odiliënberg. Open from 14:00 p.m. to 17:00 p.m. every first Sunday of the month.
Furthermore, she exhibits alone or with other artists at home and abroad.

A few important dates

  • 1999 Freelance artist since 1999
  • 1999 - 2014 Art teacher, Betty Edwards Method
  • 1999 Painting teacher, abstract/figurative
  • 2007, 18 May Opening own gallery, TriVidha, by Connie Palmen
    Opening own gallery, TriVidha, by Connie Palmen
  • 2007 Assignment for Rockwool, purchase of 2 paintings and 1300 silkscreen prints
  • 2008 Won the second prize, Palette painting competition “Flower” theme
  • 2009 Bonnefanten Kunstuitleen Maastricht buys 15 paintings
  • 2010 Maxima painting is exhibited at Codamuseum Apeldoorn
  • 2012 Bonnefanten Kunstuitleen Maastricht buys 10 paintings
  • 2011 Book presentation “Marleen”, the world of Marleen Hansen
  • Former Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Maria van der Hoeven, receives first copy 2015 Book presentation 2, Marleen Hansen, Kunst met een verhaal (Art with a story)
    19 writers collaborated in the writing about a painting and they receive their first copy.
  • 2012 Member of Global-Art, Belgium
  • 2014 Member of Art Society Artimosa, Holland

Media Coverage includes

  • De Limburger 1/1 page - Hé! Dat is echt mijn hand (Hey! That's really my hand) by Remco Graat 2004
  • De Limburger 1/1 page - Passies van een molenvrouwtje (Passions of a mill woman) by Wim Doesborg 2007
  • De Limburger 1/1 page - De vrijheid me op te sluiten (The freedom to lock myself up) by Ron Buitenhuis 2015
  • Radio - Emil en de kunst (Emil and art), interview L1 (2014)
  • TVRoermond - 7 minuten met (7 minutes with) (2015)
  • TV NPO - Geloof en een Hoop liefde (Faith and a lot of Love) (2016)

Kunst met een verhaal
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